Increase The Value Of Your Business

Increasing the value of your business sounds simple, but what are the options?

You could do one or more of the following:-

  • You could go out and expand your sales.
  • You could increase your prices.
  • You could cut your costs.

I didn't realise I could lose 90% of the value of my business even though I have a Will.

Or you could be shocked to learn just like Mark here, there could be another way.

You are unlikely to have heard of it until now.

But it’s very effective if you can get it work for your business.

It’s a simple change to your corporate structure that can have a very profound effect  on the value of your business.

Let me tell you a story about a UK company that used this strategy to find “Hidden  Money” in it’s business and no one even knew it was there.  

It started when an offer was made to buy the business.

Their offer was £750,000. Which at outset the managing director felt wasn’t a bad offer.    

It got his initial interest. Enough to go to his Accountant and ask them what they thought.

They crunched some numbers and thought he might get £900,000.

He was delighted and almost went back to his bidder with all his numbers and a counter offer.  

As luck happens his Accountant remembered speaking to Gary from Asset Financial Management about finding “Hidden Money” in virtually any business.

Mark-AFMA little over a year later and some changes to his company structure and some other simple changes the business was sold for millions.

If you want to know exactly how much the business was finally sold for please feel free to complete the enquiry card for full details.


AFM Business Strategy
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