Digital Asset Protection

With 22 million households having access to the Internet, people’s Digital Assets are growing rapidly.

Everyone thinks about Online ISA accounts and Banking as well as Stocks and Shares all held electronically.

However it can be anything stored on PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Your family photos and videos on your phone or tablet are your digital assets.

Although financially some digital assets may not have significant monetary value, they my have immense value to yourself or your family, especially when you are no longer here.

We spend more time on social media creating a digital footprint of holidays and events throughout our lives. These digital assets will only get greater with time. Often the pictures we upload of our lives onto social media never get printed so might be lost forever. Unless you set up simple Digital Asset Protection that takes minutes to do and is affordable for anyone.

We will guide you through the process, or it can be done remotely whichever you prefer through our website or by email.

Asset Financial Management is the leading Digital Asset Protection specialist in the North West. Our aim is to be the biggest Digital Asset Protection specialist in the UK and Spain in the next 5 years.

I want to speak to Will Writers, Accountants, IFAs and Mortgage Brokers who want to be part of this high growth industry. I want to help you build alongside your existing Practice a high profile presence in this new fast evolving area. This will create a valuable additional profit centre for you and an influx of new younger clients who you will have for life as clients.

Please contact Gary Brown on 01925 213 334 or email me with “Digital Asset Opportunity” in the subject line and your contact details.