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The AFM Asset Protection Programme


Allows you to protect your assets, savings and investments both now and later in life. Using a simple structure allows you to keep control of your assets even when you die.

Building trust with our partners and our clients is imperative.

In this complex world we live in, even the simplest savings account or investment needs additional safeguards to protect it. I’ve devised a simple solution to allow you to keep control of your money for the rest of your life.

The AFM Asset Protection Programme is  a simple step-by-step process to allow you to build and control your wealth for future Generations using a series of legal documents or control structures that will last for multiple generations..

If like many others you are struggling to protect your assets during the current uncertain economic times and ever changing legislation, then you need to request a consultation with me over the phone or conference call. To find out how you can do this, simply complete the information request below.

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Only 5% of the UK population use any form of asset protection. 

However these select few control 97% of the wealth of the UK.

To learn why some of the wealthiest families have been using asset protection strategies for generations.

This allows them to protect their wealth against inflation and market fluctuation and pass assets down to the next generation in a very tax efficient way.

Use Bloodline Planning to ensure your loved ones inherit what is their birth right!

Our services are complementary to professional advisers such as Will writers, Mortgage Advisers, Independent Financial Advisers, Accountants, and Solicitors.

Where appropriate, we can act as Trustees or Executors.

Gary BrownTo find out how you can do this, simply complete the information request below.

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Your financial planning strategy

In the face of ongoing change, it is more important than ever to have a personal financial planning strategy in place, to help ensure that you and your family are financially secure.

We can help you structure a financial plan as well as dealing with your UK and offshore legal services including all aspects of estate planning.

This can be combined with Tax Planning either through ourselves using our specialists or through your own advisers.

UK and International Trust Administration

Using tax structures such as a Foundation or a Trust can reduce the risk of owning assets in your own name.

Some of the problems of owning assets

Assets may be seized by the state
to pay for long term care if you
should need it.

Assets are subject to Inheritance
Tax upon death.

Assets are vulnerable to attack
and repossession by creditors.

Assets can be seized by claimants
if you are sued.

Assets can be seized through

Income producing assets such as
investments are subject to
Income Tax.

Assets that grow may be subject
to Capital Gains Tax.